Skin advice

Skin advice

So I’m finally making a start on my blog. I thought it’s a great way to fill you all in on my favourite products, makeup tips, masterclasses, weddings and much more.


I’m starting my first blog talking about a subject I feel so strongly about...SKIN!


In my job I come across all types of skin types. One thing that we all have in common and that we can’t avoid is ageing. We also cannot predict how we are going to age. There are however, things we can do to help this process. Now I’m not talking about Botox (a whole new subject I will talk about another day!) I’m talking about several key factors.


The first and most important is:


1) Hydrate- plenty of water, reduce caffeine (I’m on day 10 of my new year Caffeine detox, I’ve had two coffees in this time and feel like death but I’m trying!), try and minimise alcohol where possible (sorry, boring I know!)


2)The next is moisturise... Establishing a good skincare routine is the best thing you can do for your skin. Now I’m not talking about hundreds of pounds on Creme De La Mer. We are talking Nivea. Yes that’s right, £3.00 worth of refreshingly soft moisturising cream. Not sure if any of you caught the BBC Programme this evening “the truth about looking good” - on here experts and customers tried lots of creams and one thing was sure - moisturising can help and Nivea came out top. For a couple of pound, we really have no excuse.

If you’re wanting to shop around, make sure you check the ingredients list - glycerin should be near the top- if it is you’re onto a winner. Glycerin is the perfect ingredient in your moisturiser - locking in moisture and reducing the look of fine lines and open pores.


3) SPF - say no to sun beds and make sure you wear your suncream every day or a moisturiser or foundation with spf in. Sun damage is the leading cause for premature ageing.


4) Ditch the baby wipes! Invest in a makeup remover or Micellar water to remove your makeup at night. I always double cleanse to remove all makeup and dirt and then whack on some Nivea night cream and a couple of drops of Elemis superfood oil (amazing for soft, glowing skin)

And lastly

5) embrace it! Let’s remember (as hard as it is in our very superficial world and lives full of FaceTune and instagram) ageing isn’t a disease. It happens to all of us.


I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my first ever blog on skincare. If you follow these small steps, you’re half way there to fresh and glowing skin that your makeup will sit beautifully on.


Thanks for reading

Jaimie xx


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  1. Great tips just want to share I’ve been using nuxe rose miccellar water for cleansing big bottle for £14 really good xx

    • jaimieattfield

      Yes have heard lots about that one! Will have to give it a go myself! X

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