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Pre wedding skin care routine

8E606227-BA2E-42EF-960B-FA08AE9902E1 Hi everyone! So it’s been a while.. had a very busy fantastic season with lots of beautiful bride to be’s and as things are quietening down (dare I say it) I thought it would be a good time to hop on and talk to you a little...
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Natural skin and makeup free more

Hi everyone! It’s been a long, lovely summer full of beautiful brides- now wedding season has quietened down, I thought it was time to come on and update my blog! Today I’m talking about going makeup free or embracing a more natural style of makeup- It’s something I feel fairly passionate about. I myself love makeup and...
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Skin advice

So I’m finally making a start on my blog. I thought it’s a great way to fill you all in on my favourite products, makeup tips, masterclasses, weddings and much more.   I’m starting my first blog talking about a subject I feel so strongly about...SKIN!   In my job I come across all types of skin types. One...
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