Natural skin and makeup free more

Natural skin and makeup free more

Hi everyone!

It’s been a long, lovely summer full of beautiful brides- now wedding season has quietened down, I thought it was time to come on and update my blog!

Today I’m talking about going makeup free or embracing a more natural style of makeup- It’s something I feel fairly passionate about. I myself love makeup and glamming myself up for a night out with the girls and I’m the first to love experimenting with colours and different makeup looks. However I also love days without wearing makeup.

It occurred to me recently, I spend a lot of time apologising when I have no makeup on. Not wearing makeup doesn’t make us lazy or unprofessional so why do I apologise? It’s like it’s ingrained in us that we have to wear makeup or conform to look a certain way but it’s important for us to embrace the way we are naturally too!

You’re probably wondering why as a makeup artist I’m doing a blog about not wearing makeup - I guess I just wanted to get the point across that we can go makeup free and it doesn’t make us less of a person! Of course makeup can make us feel confident too so a little of what we love definitely isn’t a bad thing.

Sometimes a little under eye concealer and some foundation dabbed on any problem areas is enough to see us through, sometimes it’s not! I guess it’s just about not masking the skin in layers of thick, cakey foundation -on most clients this is ageing and unflattering - you can still achieve a flawless, full coverage (if that’s your thing) using small layers of buildable foundation.

As always our skin plays a part on whether we feel brave enough to go makeup free. Getting your skin in tip top condition is key - lots of water, ditch those baby wipes (see my previous blog on skin care for more tips) - a weekly exfoliant is key too! Last month some one introduced me to “the good skin” skincare range and their exfoliant is gorgeous and contains aloe Vera and vitamin C - available in Boots and really reasonable too- worth a go! And don’t forget, moisturise!

Thanks for reading and I love your feedback and comments so let me know your thoughts.






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